Monday, May 10, 2010
Hi guys, I've moved..

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Sunday, May 09, 2010
You could say its a vainpost..a post i don't really want to be commented on

Its a feeling, its a fear, its a shock and a question why..
its like no matter how hard i try, i slam straight to the wall, and no, its not like minitoons which allows me to leave my shape with a hole behind..

Like most people would, my windows to the world started to close, secluding the world away, with a curtain call with no applause..

I have issues..

I think i'm lacking of much needed male genes too..
I'm pretty much useless, perhaps they were right all along...
Maybe if i reverted back, i would be much better
Changing my blog link soon, as soon as i think of a name...

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A Legal Initiation

Happy birthday to you 3 legal humans, Richard,Trevor,Anthony

So all in all, we created like a massive haze from the bbq pit, ate about 100chicken mid joints, 100satays, 30hotdogs, 5stingrays, 10salmon sticks, beehoon, cake.. And spent the time slapping mosquitios, getting high from the lack of sleep and talking rubbish..
The carefree feeling was really awesome...

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Happy Birthday Trevor Teo! you noobbag!!

Okay, i am really super duper epic bad at saying words on celebration dates..
Ok one more year before we know each other for a decade..

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010
Back To The X

Sometimes, it just feels like i'm going back to the same point, i was so sure that i've moved a large distance away, but still the road led back to the same mark.
Perhaps its not all the same, maybe theres just so much things so similar that i throw myself back to where I came from...
You're just like medusa, everytime i look back, i get so drawn away and find myself frozen once again, you're like magic or you're like perfect..

The world just seem to want you to be tattooed forever on me, the reminders of remainders just flocks towards me per day, so rentlessly, like a revenge taken back, I believe they called it a taste of my own medication..

Its always easier when i do pretend play, pretend that i'm normal and play along like i always do.. At least, you'll be around when I do that..

I could list a thousand things about you that i love but there'll be a million things that i'll forget to say

I saw someone, who smiled like you, talked like you, moved like you, sized like you, but its not you, you're angeling over the other end...

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Monday, May 03, 2010
Yea i'm sick... i'm having chained sickness ever since i'm back from Europe..

I have no idea whats wrong idea, the only thing i can think of is that the food i ate rebelled against me for some reason =(, and i'm becoming like that goat...

I'm contemplating to stick a finger into my throat in an attempt to merlion things away, but i'm too afraid to do it =(......... Pamela doesn't know that we have that automatic puking button up in our throat... I wonder what she think bulimic is all this while..

i think theres probably an Auto bowel emptier button somewhere in our body, i mean if it comes out from our mouth, our ass probably has some kinda wiring similary right?

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Thursday, April 29, 2010
I'm not exactly in the "good mood" these days, and now to add on just because of a moment of greed, i downed one stick of wonton at the pasar malam... and what do i get? A full body of rashes, disgusting rashes, mutated me to be a monster...

And sometimes some asses can be so impervious and just do things without considering other's feelings, yea gloating would give you real joy, go be a goat...

The Ignoring game? If I had a nickle for everytime it happens....
I'm just no good.. I know, i'm not a great person, I failed miserably in trying
People just doesn't like to give me the chance..

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Slowly it turns so dull
beautiful in other ways
unvibrant and of significance
a mark of endings
a point of no return,

Facing the pressuring wind
bring tears within a blink
as tormenting as it can be
the petals and leave shall free.

The abnormalties to live
without those whom you watch leave
the losing strength
and the fading friends
so unreal, so afraid
no more will to create
wither and disintegrate to wait

the clocks spins around
unforgivingly seeping energy
weak and feeble came and found
to the last few attempts to jest
smiling when leaves hadn't left
cold and bitter wind mocking
snaps to the present of withering
yellows away in sorrow
knowing theres no more tomorrow...
For it'll wither and withered

-Act 3